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Ubuntu 7.10 Released

I was tempted to use the title, "The Eagle Has Landed". I'm very impressed with what the Ubuntu community has achieved with this latest release. I currently use 6.06 Desktop in my test lab in VMPlayer to run networking apps like Nagios and NMAP. Additionally, I had 7.04 installed on my laptop as part of a dual boot configuration and prior to that 6.06. The only problem with 6.06 and 7.04 was that no amount of tinkering would get the Broadcom wireless chipset to work on my HP ZD8000. That's all fixed with 7.10 and the restricted driver manager. I had the Broadcom wifi up and running in the advertised 3 clicks. This is the first Linux install that I've done where everything works and this time everything works out of the box.

CCNA Stuff

I'm working on getting my CCNA credential done. Like I don't have enough certifications as it is. CCNA will be #10 in addition to the 9 MS ones I have. This is slowing things down with regards to updates. The DHCP article still isn't finished but I did manage to add the section on Implementing DHCP in a Windows 2003 enviroment.

I opened up the comments on the DHCP article page. If you have feedback (Positive/Negative), comments or suggestions feel free to leave them. Registration is not necessary to post a comment.

I was asked about the images I'm displaying. Basically, I have finite bandwidth available and images consume a significant portion of that. I try to optimize them as much as possible. I use Paint Shop Pro to set them to 16-bit greyscale and save them in .png format. This significantly reduces the bandwidth they consume. So instead of loading 10+ images that are 60k in size 100+ times a month, I'm pushing out images that are just as readable but are only 3k-8k in size.

Sepeptember Site Statistics

Getting more traffic than I thought.

Month Unique monthly visitors Pages Hits
Sep 2007 56 776 2092

Microsoft Blog RSS Feeds Moved

I added 9 more Microsoft Technet/MSDN blogs to the RSS Feed and moved them to here.

Link Management

I got tired of having to import/export my browser links. Roaming profiles are great but they don't cut it in my case. I need to be able to import links into a virtual machine. I was thinking about the problem and decided to go with It's a free, web based service that you can use to store, organize and share links. It has options to make links private or public as well as assign them to groups. To access my links click here.

New Article

A brief walk through of how to add a Windows XP Professional client to a Windows 2003 Server domain has been posted in the Articles section.

Also, I haven't forgot about the DHCP article. I'm in the process of evaluating Network Monitor v3.1 vs. Wireshark for the packet capture format. I think Network Monitor is easier to work with but I have a few issues with the way the data is displayed and ease of exporting it to ASCII format.

Network Monitor Available for Download

The Microsoft Enterprise Networking Team has made Network Monitor available on their blog website. This is the full blown server version and it works on XP. There's a link to it in the RSS feeds below.

Which CMS?

I originally started with Wordpress but I really didn't think the design was all that great. I know it's customizable but trying to find what CSS elements to edit without any documentation was taking too long. I'm currently working with Drupal which seems to be much cleaner and easier to manage.

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