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CCNA Stuff

I'm working on getting my CCNA credential done. Like I don't have enough certifications as it is. CCNA will be #10 in addition to the 9 MS ones I have. This is slowing things down with regards to updates. The DHCP article still isn't finished but I did manage to add the section on Implementing DHCP in a Windows 2003 enviroment.

I opened up the comments on the DHCP article page. If you have feedback (Positive/Negative), comments or suggestions feel free to leave them. Registration is not necessary to post a comment.

I was asked about the images I'm displaying. Basically, I have finite bandwidth available and images consume a significant portion of that. I try to optimize them as much as possible. I use Paint Shop Pro to set them to 16-bit greyscale and save them in .png format. This significantly reduces the bandwidth they consume. So instead of loading 10+ images that are 60k in size 100+ times a month, I'm pushing out images that are just as readable but are only 3k-8k in size.