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Some Information for Recruiters

There seem to be quite a few technology sector specialist recruiters floating around that have no understanding of Microsoft or Cisco certifications. The following is a brief tutorial.

If someone has the MCSE: Security, that means that they have the following additional certifications; MCSE, MCSA: Security, MCSA, and MCP. So if you call me about a job and state while my MCSE: Security is great but I really need to be a MCSE and MCP, you know what the snickering was about before I hung up.

Another note about Microsoft certifications, I had 0 questions about Exchange on the 14 or so exams I took and Exchange isn't mentioned anywhere on my resume. Why are you calling me for a position that requires significant Exchange administration experience? Here's a tip, instead of the calling the MCSE: Security, try someone with the MSCE: Messaging certification.

Now for the really tricky part...if someone has a CCNP they also have a CCNA. In addition not all CCIE's have a CCNA. Let me rephrase, being a CCNA is a requirement of the CCNP certification but not the CCIE certification.